Here’s why Ron is dedicated to rolling out cool roofs in Australia
Ron has more than 30 years’ experience in the building industry and is a registered builder in both the commercial and domestic areas.

His specialised projects have included contracts within the restoration of such significant buildings as the Gothic ANZ Bank and Museum in Collins Street Melbourne and Melbourne’s Old Safe Deposit Building.
Ron and his management team are skilled in delivering custom designed and precision outputs to major clients like the Grollo group.

Why Cool Roofing?

As an experienced builder, Ron had long recognised the need for a product like ThermaguardHRC, but it was to become his mission. Fifteen years ago, Ron was appointed as project manager for initial redevelopment of a former RAAF Engineering Base in Melbourne’s West. Ron oversaw the revitalization and conversion of many large RAAF buildings to office and light industrial for their new occupants.

The condition of many roofs was a challenging issue because of 2 major issues. One being excessive heat affecting the ability of people to work in these re-purposed buildings and the second being the developer’s budget and scope required existing assets to be retained where possible.

In some cases, it was uneconomic to persevere with an aged roof and new construction was required. Ron therefore directed the replacement of roofing due to rust attack – and in other areas, the need to insulate the structures or meet certification.

However in many cases, the retention of the existing building assets was a valid option – but needing a practical and economic process. At this point, Ron started to pursue products that could satisfy the need for roof protection and increase insulation without resulting in high cost or excessive disruption to occupant activity.

Finding the answer

Being a former CSIRO scientist by training, Ron has always looked for lateral solutions and part of his research led to cool-roofs. Meeting with industrial chemist and manufacturer Steve Milroy was his break through. Ultimately the friendship and partnership that followed is now Hi-Tech Applications P/L and the current national rollout of Thermaguard HRC cool roof coating.