Update for home owners and rural producers below – product being made available for DIY/own painter to help with Australian summer heatwave conditions.

Do you want to test something cool?

Grab a sample pack & job planner blueprint. You just put the ThermaGuard HRC coated and uncoated metal plates in the sun and after a few minutes you’ll have your own opportunity to say ‘by crikey it really does work like they said’!

Take this simple proof step at our cost.

Have total confidence in the reflection, emissivity and the resin binding power of ThermaGuard HRC. You’ll also be able to ask us to address any issues including discuss costs, quotes or lead times.

There’s an important reason to have people try our cool roof coating product earlier…

You see, our rollout is in fact very time and temperature sensitive. We try to complete major works in November and December because we don’t want our human applicators melting on your roof. Chances are that if you want us in the middle of a summer heatwave, everyone else is already wanting the same – and our response may be very limited.

So we give priority to the people that test our products first.


Offer limited to Australia only: To receive the above, you’ve got to be representing an Australian company/institution needing a professional service like ThermaGuard HRC. And this is not representing an offer of services.

Update for home owners and rural producers:

Cool Roof Product now being shipped to home owners and agricultural producers to help beat heat wave conditions

Offer applies during Summer Heatwave Only.

With so many people wanting to cool their homes/essential buildings, we’ve decided to help homeowners and farmers (rural producers). Unfortunately some people are contacting us with distressing conditions for both affected people and also livestock. Often their location creates situations where only a DIY approach will work. So here we go – If you or your contractor can do work safely, then this may help.

Please read carefully and send us an inquiry using the form for Get Your Free Sample.


Until heat conditions abate, we will ship ThermaGuard HRC product in 15 litre pails to home owners, rural producers etc with included instructions of how to install. We will also assist your painter on how to achieve the best performance.


This offer applies around Australia and note freight costs apply depending upon location.

This is a time limited offer: Due to heat conditions and drought being extreme in many parts of Australia, we will ship product to homeowners if you can organise the coverage by pressure wash cleaning and then brushing/rolling/spraying. The basic colour is white for maximum performance. If you need colour tinting, please get your local painter to make this up for you.

If you need this service, then please send your details, Make sure you include your phone number because we are making specific arrangements – it’s not a one size fits all service.

Note our core business is treating large commercial buildings and working with specialised companies, so please understand we are simply not resourced to give immediate responses or have people waiting for your call.


How many litres will I need?

ThermaGuard HRC is applied professionally at a coverage of 1 litre to 2m² applied in two coats. It’s like a membrane.

What is the cost of the Cool-Roof Treatment>

The pricing offered will be the best we can do and is affected by litres sent, so pricing is an inquiry to us please.
Please tell us the area of your roof area if you know and make sure you advise of your address and we’ll use NearMap to assess as best we can for you.

Thanks for reading.

Stay cool.

The ThermaGuard HRC team.