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Is your issue urgent and needing immediate assistance?

If you’re in this situation:  Get hold of us on 1300 889 286 and state your case.

Send us extra information to

We will assess your situation to work out if our systems will significantly solve your issue. When we can help, we’ll commit to giving you our very best response and resources.


Are you pondering a potential risk?

Our advice is don’t leave a vulnerability until too late.

For example; Do you have plant which is known to fail in over stressed situations.
Are you trying to ‘wing it’ and relying on getting help in the moment?

Let’s consider the implications…

  • What if your HVAC plant can not be fixed by your service contractors – How will this affect your centre? What is the cost?
  • If plant fails, what is dismounting, reinstalling and commissioning replacement plant going to mean for you?
  • And crucially important – can your operations continue in the absence of this cooling plant?

On a 42° day if your system fails – a key question is, how many others have also failed?…

Can you be sure of priority response from your services people when you need them most?
In other words, could you be affected for longer than you expect?

If you are dreading the next hot day, have a chat to us early and we’ll put you on to one of our trusted applicators.

CALL: 1300 889 286

Incident Management: If you’re dreading the next hot day, have a chat to us about Cool-Coatings

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