Update for home owners and rural producers:  To help with Australian summer heatwave conditions, cool-roofing product is now being made available for DIY installations. See bottom of this page for details.

Fact: Many existing Australian commercial buildings
lack thermal comfort and reliability.

QDoes your Air Conditioning always work reliably?

QIs your building always cool and energy efficient?

QIs your building securely fastened, leak proof and reliable?

If you’re at risk of complaints from tenants – staff – customers
because of hot, old or overstressed equipment, then…

here’s some timely help for you.

This cool roof coating is incredibly cool by stopping Solar Radiation
from EVER entering your building as heat & thermal stress.

Applying ThermaGuard HRC is cheaper, faster and easier than plant replacement.

What painful reliability and comfort issues do you need solved?


1. Is your building too hot and humid?

Stop solar rays punching heat through your roof top.

Cool-Roof Coat


2. Are your chillers going to melt down?

Your priority is saving your critical cooling plant

Chiller Rescue


3. Do you need to stop Rust and Corrosion?

Stop aging damage – chemicals, grime, moisture, pollution

Roof Restoration

Watch this video for answers

Case Study: Point Cook Town Centre trial provides more evidence. Comfort and service availability were assured at all times.

On the most extreme heat day recorded last summer, only ONE chiller
in the trial zone operated without tripping.

That unit was coated with ThermaGuard HRC cool roof paint.



Surrounding chillers without ThermaGuard HRC triggered their thermal overload protection. And you’ll be pleased to know that the trial also established superior delivery of cooled airflow, reduced duty cycle and significant energy savings.

Protecting your plant and maintaining comfort within – what would that mean to you?


Serving Professionals

Why us? – About / Team / Contact

With 17 years in manufacturing cool roof coatings, we know what works and lasts.

We are NOT about: ‘cheapie’ fixes or selling you white paint with reflective additives

We are trusted by professionals caring for people and major property assets. Where operational protection, reliability & safety are concerned, that’s us.

We diagnose your pain and move rapidly to completion exactly as you’d expect.

Checklist: Our services


  • Industrial Strength Dual-Resins
  • Combines Reflection & Emissivity
  • Works on Chillers, Ducts, Roofs & Walls


  • YES, You can avoid Replacement
    We save roofs – You save dollars
  • Proven Rust Kill & Sealing System
  • Asbestos & Hazardous Sealing


  • Highest Solar Reflective
    (SRI) Rating Available
  • Project Managed, Safety Certified,
    Scalable Resources
  • Colour or Formulation
    Customised for You


  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

How we work?



    When any disruption has a business cost, our skilled planning means much less downtime to your tenanted or production areas.

    Let us guide you to be sure – Call on 0438 753 339 for help.



    Does your maintenance budget needs to perform for you? Yes, we hear you.

    Each project is individually scoped and quoted for you, however to help you plan for a cool-roof coating that will work for many years, allow $30/m² as a first-order^ pricing guide.

    This cool-roof system is a Commercial Grade Coating extending service life and increasing comfort levels from day 1.

    ^We’ve assumed your facility has a flat, low-set roof within a major metropolitan area. The guide covers your roof surfaces receiving 2 coats of ThermaguardHRC after a powerwash preparation. The ThermaGuard HRC service guarantee is included.



    To retain ongoing trust by Australia’s property professionals, you’ll find that our project and safety system is industry leading.
    Qualified experts will diagnose the condition of the roof, plant enclosure, fasteners and material substrates. This is clearly specified before we enter in to contract with you.


Cooling system stayed running where ThermaGuard HRC applied

Zoltan Barta, Facilities Manager Pt Cook Shopping Centre
Hi Ron I was sceptical at first but was very surprised that once applied ThermaGuard HRC created such a great reduction in the roof temperature and saving in electrical usage of the HVAC unit. Most impressed

"Installing ThermaguardHRC avoided any shutdown at the Olympic Dam Copper smelter"

Tim Dixon (formerly with SAVCOR) now director of AB Chem said
"By coating the roof over the Olympic Dam Copper smelter with Thermaguard HRC, we were able to solve an OH&S problem without it being a cause for a shut down in production. The working environment was extreme without the added heat penetrating from the sun through the metal roof. The problem was exacerbated by tiny leaks which allowed water to fall into the work space - a dangerous occurrence when working with molten metals. We were able to resolve this issue using ThermaGuard HRC without the need to replace the roof and without the need for process disruption"


Is your business growing rapidly? If so, congratulations! But, is this rapid growth reflected in…

Is your issue urgent and needing immediate assistance? If you’re in this situation:  Get hold…

Solar reflective coatings aiding OH&S is a novel concept for many property managers. Yet, ThermaGuard…

Remove the risk and worries of your building for less than 1/3 replacement cost. Keep People Comfortable. Save your chillers. Give an old galvanized steel roofing another long life. And save a fortune in electricity and maintenance .

Do you want to try something really cool?


We’ve set aside some ThermaGuard HRC Sample Plates (coated with and without Thermaguard) with a job planner blueprint for you. To Prove IT Yourself simply put the plates in the sun and even after a few minutes, you’ll have your own opportunity to say ‘by crikey it really does work just like they said’!

What’s included

  • ThermaGuard HRC coated and control samples
  • Access to an expert
  • Priority in our schedule
  • Business investment guide
  • Our rapid response mail out to you
  • Does not include tin of paint

(Available to:  Australian based companies or institutions)

Update for home owners and rural producers:

Cool Roof Product now being shipped to home owners and agricultural producers to help beat heat wave conditions

Offer applies during Summer Heatwave Only.

With so many people wanting to cool their homes or essential produce, we’ve decided to help homeowners and farmers. Unfortunately some people are contacting us with distressing conditions for both affected people and also livestock. Often their location creates situations where only a DIY approach will work. So here we go – If you or your contractor can do the application work safely, then this may help. Please read carefully and send us a request using the form for ‘Get Your Free Sample’.


Until heat conditions abate, we will ship ThermaGuard HRC product in 15 litre pails to home owners and producers with included instructions of how to install. We will also assist your painter on how to achieve the best performance.


This offer applies around Australia and note freight costs apply depending upon location.

This is a time limited offer: Due to heat conditions and drought being extreme in many parts of Australia, we will ship product to homeowners if you can organise the coverage by pressure wash cleaning and then rolling/spraying. The basic colour is white for maximum performance. If you need colour tinting, please get your local painter to make this up for you.

If you need this service, then please send your details, Make sure you include your phone number because we are making specific arrangements – it’s not a one size fits all service.

Note our core business is treating large commercial buildings and working with specialised companies, so please understand we are simply not resourced to give immediate responses or have people waiting for your call.


How many litres will I need?

ThermaGuard HRC is applied professionally at a coverage of 1 litre to 2m² applied in two coats. It’s like a membrane.

What is the cost of the Cool-Roof Treatment>

The pricing offered will be the best we can do and is affected by litres sent, so pricing is an inquiry to us please.
Please tell us the area of your roof area if you know and make sure you advise of your address and we’ll use NearMap to assess as best we can for you.

Thanks for reading.

Stay cool.

The ThermaGuard HRC team.

Where do we send your mailed sample?