ThermaGuard HRC Reduces Risk – 3 point case study

1. OHS RiskWater leakage on to molten metal – an instant steam snap and spit.

2. The CureWithout disrupting operations, the smelter roof was cleaned & sealed.

3. OutcomeOH&S restored. Delivered on promise to the team at Roxby Downs.

Would a heat reflective coating like this help safety on your site?

12 more examples where Cool Roof Coatings have helped property people

El Nino Extreme Heat Insurance

Avoid failure in even extreme temperatures. Who goes to a shopping mall or work to ‘sweat’? Rest easy with this never-fail comfort control system.

Value Adding To Your Building

You’re investing in yield because you’re making your building attractive to tenants because of assured productivity and lower costs of operation.

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Rapid Response Disaster Relief

If you have unworkable situation – like hot sticky people and overloaded chillers then call our Helpdesk today for priority service.

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Electricity (Energy) & Emission Reduction

Reduce consumption. Cut CO2 generation. Better NABERS & Building Energy Efficiency Certificate (BEEC) will help you attract your ideal tenant

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OHS Compliance

Control Temperature & humidity : Mining, chemical storage, water treatment, hot warehouses. Cut the risks & stay safe

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Smarter Alternative to Bulk Insulation

Thermaguard HRC does not heat saturate like bulk insulation. And it’s often a faster-cheaper-safer option – especially for large areas.

Coat and Seal over Weather Aging

Apply our special rust sealers and Thermaguard HRC as your ideal treatment for aged and weather affected building. Very successful and very cost effective.

Protect Electronics & Infrastructure

Stop electronics failing under thermal overload or excessive humidity: Power utilities – Telecommunications – Off grid battery installations & Roads/tollways

Roof Tile Seal & Restoration

Add colour with a sealing membrane that stops thermal shock, water ingress and solar ageing

Fasten & Seal Leaky Damaged Roofs

Has thermal shock lifted your roofing nails and created leakage points? Our system of fasteners, rust killers and a new membrane of ThermaGuard HRC is what you need

Off Grid Homes & National Park Offices

The ideal addition for those using solar battery and cooling passive systems – an incredible boost to comfort and off-loading your RAPS system

Animal Comfort & Welfare

Help stop animals suffering stress: Dog shelters, horse stables, poultry – once coated the calming effect is amazing. NB. Water off roofs is potable too.


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